A Historical Scottish Romance Novel

She couldn’t see his scars, and fell in love with his soul…

Six years ago, Iona Lloyd’s life turned to ashes when a fire took both her parents and her eyesight. Desperate to outrun certain death, she takes up work as a tavern’s nameless barmaid. Until a scarred Highlander comes to her rescue.

David Fuller, Laird of Murray, lost his parents and his betrothed when an explosion destroyed their castle. The scars that mar his body instill fear in everyone around him, except for one person: a blind, lowborn tavern barmaid. With the foulest mouth he has ever heard, the only thing he wants is to kiss her senseless.

When he realizes that Iona is her own worst enemy, David makes it his mission to protect her from her own self. A feat that proves almost impossible when a beast from a past they never knew they shared returns to kill two birds with one stone. The same stone Iona wears around her finger...

*Highlander's Fateful Affair
 is a steamy Scottish historical romance novel of 80,000 words (around 400 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, lots of steam and a happy ending.

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